The A-Ha! Talk

What if you had an idea? You know the kind…

The once in a lifetime kind of A-Ha! Idea.

Where do you turn and who do you tell about your A-Ha! idea?

What if you were a young adult? What if you didn’t have the opportunity to throw around ideas with your professors?

Those professors that could have pointed you in the right direction to get your idea moving…

And how will you do it when you have no money?

The A-Ha! Talk” is your new platform. You tell those with the ability to make your idea come alive – all about your A-Ha! moment. And let them decide if they want to work with you and make it happen.

The cost to the idea maker is Nothing. Got it? Nada.

How sure are you about your idea? How much do you think it will impact another’s life? Do you think you can stand up in front of possible investors and tell them about your A-Ha! idea?

It takes guts. A whole lot of courage. And not only courage; but the conviction that YOUR idea is worth someone investing in it with their company’s time, finances, and talent. Their company working with you to make your A-Ha! idea a reality.

Welcome to “The A-Ha! Talk.” Your new venue to tell Your story.

If you are an investor and find value in working with others to get

“The “A-Ha! Talk”

up on stage, and have young people presenting their ideas, we need to chat.

If you are the inventor of an A-Ha! idea; we need to get it down on paper to start working on your presentation.

“You will never know until you try.

You will never try unless you first had a dream that you can do it.

And; Sometimes, you have to jump in and give it your best shot.

No matter what the odds are against you. That’s life.” C. Saarie

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